Hot Peppers Prague

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  • Hot Peppers has established itself as the most visited a striptease club, in Prague. It is located in Wenceslas Square (Václavské náměstí), the centre of Prague, just a short walk from many of the central hotels.

    Hot Peppers is open each night and admission is free.

    The club offers a unique erotic experience for stag parties, couples and corporate entertainment. Its luxurious interior boast two well stocked bars manned by friendly and professional staff.

    For connoisseurs of the best world champagnes, Hot Peppers provides a prestigious Champagne Lounge with a unique water fixture, and a private VIP room for discreet viewing.

    On stage you will be treated to topless and full striptease shows where the dancers perform their acrobatic routines on poles. You can feast your eyes an abundance of beautiful and exotic girls from around the world (Some of the girls regularly appear in Playboy magazine as Playmates) performing erotic lesbian shows and costumed dances. The shows are augmented by an incredible giant wide screen.

    A regular feature of the show is for members of the audience to participate with 2 or 3 of the dancers; this is a must for guests celebrating stag parties!

    Off stage, the dancers can offer you private lap dancing, table dancing and auto-erotic shows of the highest quality.

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