FKK Artemis Sauna Club

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    1. Alan FKK Artemis Sauna Club

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      Se andate a Berlino per la prima volta non potete mancare l’Artemis, il più grande e storico bordello di Berlino.
      L’ambiente è un po’ vissuto dopo tanti anni ma comunque molto pulito ed elegante.
      La qualità delle ragazze è medio alta con 5 o 6 perle nelle ore di punta.
      Il biglietto d’ingresso viene 85 € e la prestazione base 50/60 €, per questo le ragazze vi presseranno un po’ per aumentare il prezzo.
      Quantità, qualità e ottimi prezzi!

    2. puma master FKK Artemis Sauna Club

      It’s simply the best place in Berlin if you’re looking for a club.
      The beer is with € 10 per glass a bit expensive, but € 10 for a cocktail is a normal price.
      I went to more clubs in Berlin, but in Artemis the girls were the prettiest.
      No hidden things like girls asking for drinks or just trying to upsell.
      If you visit Berlin, you must to come here!

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  • The Artemis is organized as a sauna club, similar to several other German brothels: both customers and prostitutes pay an entry fee and can then use the facilities for 24 hours. The entrance fee is 80 Euros; half an hour sex costs 60 Euros.

    Food and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the entry fee. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased at the bar and start at EUR 10 for a beer.

    50 women work on a typical night; they are mostly nude or near nude, except on certain days such as Wednesday, which is “lingerie day”.

    Sexual services typically include oral sex without a condom, and sexual intercourse with condoms. Sex without condom carries extra fees. The payment is given directly to the women after the act; the house does not receive a cut but regulates the prices and services.

    Prostitutes can stay at the brothel, renting rooms on the fourth floor which is off-limits to customers.