Number One Massage

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  • How to order an erotic massage

    First, select the desired masseuse or masseur you would like to have for an erotic massage session. You can do it through the website or e-mail, but the best will be if you call directly, because you will get the fastest information about the terms and your selected masseuse or masseur. If you don’t want to call, you are free to use the contact form provided on the website.

    Make a massage reservation at least one hour in advance to be sure the selected masseuse or masseur will be available in the salon at the selected term. You may come straightly to the salon, or even order an erotic escort massage straight to your place of residence – your home or your hotel.

    In case you would like to order yourself an erotic massage with some intimate and pleasure endings, please let they know about it – it is always better to inform in advance in order for you not to be disappointed when you finally visit the salon.

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